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We are a transparent and progressive company. As certified Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) installers, we built one of the first homes in the Annapolis Valley out of these materials in 1996, and continue to research new building methods. Increasingly, energy efficiency and sustainability are driving our industry. We believe both these components mean overall conservation of personal and natural resources. During new home construction, we adhere to a "no dumpster" policy. All waste is sorted on site at its source. It is then taken to the appropriate recycling facility. We use dumpsters on large-scale renovations, but all waste is still sorted and recycled.

During the last ten years we have been very active in the Red Seal interprovincial apprentice program. As a result we employ licensed carpenters who are assisted by young and enthusiastic apprentices enrolled in the program. This commitment to the trade is reflected in our workmanship and reputation. We are all very proud of what we accomplish.


Home page images are of work by (from top left to right) Michael Napier, Architect; David Ripley, Beacon Hill Design; Gaspereau Contracting; and from (bottom left to right) Anne Sinclair, Architect; Vincent den Hartog, Architect and David Ripley, Beacon Hill Design (interior design); and Anne Sinclair, Architect. Our Philosophy and Contact Us pages feature work from Anne Sinclair, Architect, and David Ripley, Beacon Hill Design, respectively.